When to Call Out an Electrician

When it comes to electrical work, it can be hard to know which jobs to attempt yourself- and which should always be left to the professionals. We have created this handy guide to help you see which jobs you should never attempt for yourself. 

DIY Safe electrical projects...

The following problems are easy and straightforward to resolve, so can be attempted by yourself.

  • Faulty Dimmer Switches

 Dimmer switches can be very simple to fix, as they can malfunction for several simple reasons. To resolve the issue, take a close look at the switch installation to try and spot the problem. Usually it will be due to poor instillation or low grade materials.

  • Bulb Blowouts

If your lightbulbs seem to blow out a lot more than they should, this could be down to the wattage. If the wattage is too high for the fixture, then your bulbs will blow. To resolve this, it usually only takes a low wattage LED lightbulb.

  • SIMPLE Circuit Overloads

Simple circuit overloads are usually caused by too many appliances being plugged into one outlet. This can be resolved very simply bu unplugging some appliances to reduce the power.

Jobs for the professional electricians...

The following jobs should only be attempted by qualified electricians, as they are much more complex and require a lot more knowledge to solve.

  • Flickering Lights

This is a sign of a loose connection, which could lead to a fire if not solved correctly.

  • Breaker Trips

If you have reduced your power load and the breakers are still tripping, call our electricians to take a kook to sort out this circuit problem for good.

  • Breakers Humming or Buzzing

If you hear any sounds, such a humming or buzzing, flick your breaker to off as soon as you notice it. This is a sign of a faulty breaker than cannot trip, so call our electricians out ASAP.

  • Low Power Supply

Modern homes rely on electricity more than ever before, so sometimes a 60 amp service cannot meet this demand. We can take a look at your home and work on improving this, with a bigger and more practical wiring system.

  • Any Problem in Damp or Moisture Prone Areas

Even the smallest problem can become life threatening if it is in a damp or moist area. It is always best to play it safe and call out our electricians.

  • House rewires

House rewires MUST only be undertaken by a qualified electrician. 

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