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Carrying out Smart Home Installation in Castleford, Pontefract, Wakefield, Ackworth, Knottingley, Methley, Garforth, Featherstone, Normanton and surrounding areas of Leeds & West Yorkshire.

Here in CS Electrical, we are proud to offer our smart home installation services as a Nest Pro Installer. This means that we're on hand to offer advice on the Nest products we can install, all whilst offering a professional and quality service. If you'd like to contact us here at CS Electrical in Castleford, please do so by simply calling us on, 07927 674038. Alternatively, if you scroll to the bottom of this page, you'll find additional contact details. 

Smart Home Installation in Castleford

There's a range of Nest products that you can consider installing in your home - And we can help! We offer our smart home installation services across Castleford, Pontefract, Wakefield, Ackworth, Knottingley and all other surrounding areas. From the Nest Smart Learning Thermostat to Nest Cam, Nest Protect and Nest Hello Doorbell, we offer our services for a range of Nest products. 

Nest Smart Home Learning Thermostat

With products like the Nest Smart Learning Thermostat, your home will begin to adapt to your use of the thermostat and adjust itself automatically. Additionally, the Nest Smart Learning Thermostat can also automatically turn your heating back on if you return home during the day by tracking your location via mobile. What this all means is, you no longer need to keep adjusting the thermostat as in the long run, the Smart Home Learning Thermostat could save you money on your energy bills; this also means that your home will be a lot more energy efficient due to the minimised wasted energy. 

Other Nest Products

Other products include the Nest Cam which improves your home security with a security camera; the Nest Protect which helps to smoke and carbon monoxide in your home and send alerts of the danger to your phone; and finally the Nest Hello Doorbell which offers a crisp HD image of who exactly is at your door and lets you preset responses such as "We'll be right with you." As you can see there's a lot of option and the smart home possibilities are huge! Find out below how to get in touch with us at CS Electrical in Castleford.

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Now that you know more about the Nest products that we can assist with installing throughout your home in Castleford, Pontefract, Wakefield, Ackworth, Knottingely and other surrounding areas, simply get in touch! You can reach us by calling us on, 07927 674038 or sending us an email at, Finally, you can use the contact form on our website. To see work we've done for customers before, take a look at our gallery page. For the reviews that customers have left, check out our reviews page.

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