How to Save Money on Electricity Bills

Noticed your electricity bills creeping up a little over the last few months? Try these handy, simple tips to stop things getting out of hand!

Switch electricity supplier

If you have been with the same energy supplier for the last couple of years or so, you could save yourself some extra money by looking elsewhere. 

Some suppliers offer exclusive deals for new customers or offer discounts combined with other general home needs, like duel-fuel deals for customers looking to combine the cost of their electricity and gas in one place. Shop around using price comparison websites to make sure you're not overpaying on your electricity bills!

Energy saving lightbulbs are a bright idea!

Traditional lightbulbs might be cheap to buy, but they are inefficient and have a shorter lifespan in comparison to others. Whilst LED bulbs are a few pounds more, they use over 90% less energy, cost around £1.50 to run for a year and can run for over 10,000 hours and pay back their initial cost in savings several times over. 

Remember, once you’ve brought your energy saving bulbs, make sure you switch them off when you leave the room or whenever they aren’t in use. 

Switch off your electrical appliances

Over 75% of the energy used by home electronics is consumed when they're on standby and not officially in use. So, similar to the point above, remember to turn off your home electronics, e.g. televisions, satellite TV boxes, games consoles, computers, kitchen appliances etc. when they're not being used. 

Heat your home effectively

Heating hot water for your home contributes to the cost of your electricity bill, anywhere from 5-15% on average. You can lower this percentage by lowering the temperature on the heater to 130-140 degrees and by undertaking the following tips: 

  • Switch off the thermostat and avoid heating unused rooms and wasting energy on an empty house. 
  • Block draughts through windows and doors using draught proofing strips around the frame. 
  • Block draughts under bottom of your doors by investing in a rush/flap draught excluder. 
  • If you don’t use your chimney, use an inflatable pillow to block it off, or fit a cap on the chimney pot. 
  • Block draughts through your floor boards by using a silicone, flexible filler to fill any gaps. 
  • Block the loft hatch with draught proofing strips.

An even better way to insulate your home is through solid wall insulation; a more expensive method that will save you even more money on your electricity bill. 

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